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What is Mykonian Spiti

‘Spiti’ means home – so the “Mykonian Spiti” is a traditional Mykonian home, that each visitor is welcome at during their stay on the island. The house belongs to a local Mykonian family, who have obtained, living and working on the island of Mykonos, a particularly sophisticated experience in incoming tourism. Following this long experience and everyday life in Mykonos, the family decided to re-organize their everyday life, introducing into it, the authentic traditional Mykonian style of living, and progressively being particularly devoted to it and setting it as their highest priority. At the same time, apart from keeping the Mykonian traditional way of living as their own everyday standard, they decided to share with the island’s visitors the memorable feelings and experience that this way of living generates. This innovative idea gave also the opportunity to the family to convert the everyday tradition and habits into professional activity.

The Mykonian Spiti began in 2012 by launching the Cooking Classes activity, with the traditional Mykonian way of cooking the food, using the authentic organic fresh Mykonian goods taken from the family vegetable garden and accompanied by the narration of Mykonian family habits with stories including the elements of tradition, religion and of course family love and unity. This activity today is considered a cult favorite amongst visitors on the island and has been praised on numerous occasions. Today the Mykonian Spiti’s activities have multiplied and continue to do so, including such tours as their own island tour, which is called “Discover Authentic Mykonos”, a visit to their own Traditional Mykonian Farm, an authentic barbeque on the farm, a walking tour of Mykonos town, a visit to Ancient Delos, and many more. Their aim however, remains the same. To instil the hospitality and the everyday lifestyle of a traditional Mykonian family.

Meet Our Team

We will do our best to welcome you at our Mykonian Spiti and make you feel like a member of our family.

TetaThe woman of the family
ChristianaΗοstess & Cousin of Teta
ChristinaTeta's Assistant
KalinkaSales & Marketing Manager

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We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you at our home.

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