Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes in Mykonos Greece

‘Spiti’ means home – and the “Mykonian Spiti” is our home that you are welcome at, during this cooking experience. Although this activity highlights the traditional factor of the Mykonian lifestyle, on the other hand a “traditional” description of its “programme” hardly does it justice. This may sound vague, but during these 6 hours (approximately) you will experience the traditional Greek way of life, the culture, the Greek art of cooking. It is not what you will do, it is mostly how you will do it. During this time you will learn tips and cooking methods that have made Mykonian Spiti, Mykonos and Greece, loved by its friends and visitors, but most importantly you will instil the hospitality and the everyday lifestyle of a traditional Mykonian family.

To become a bit more specific, after you are collected from your hotel (or the port or the location you prefer) and transferred to the Mykonian Spiti, Teta will wholeheartedly invite you into her beautiful Mykonian home and create a charming and intimate evening that will turn this visit to the “Island of the Winds” into a highlight of your trip. She will teach you about Mykonian culture and history, share stories about her family’s life and make you feel just as if you are visiting close relatives or friends. She will share stories about Mykonian true lifestyle and chat with you while you will taste and enjoy some Mykonian meze snacks like dakos with kopanisti cheese and tomato, louza (sun dried pork fillets), wine and Cretan raki. You will wander through her vegetable garden, learn about local organic farming and enjoy a wonderful time.

And then onto the kitchen where we you will make tzatziki, spinach pie, stuffed peppers and tomatoes and everything else in our Mykonian Spiti’s traditional menu. All guests, will be supplied with protective equipment (aprons) from the Mykonian Spiti estate. Most cooking ingredients will be readily available in special bowls in the kitchen area ready for the menu preparation. Teta will guide you through the whole procedure, giving the opportunity to everyone to master their cooking skills. There is a small intermission between the preparation and the tasting stage, which can be used for a short period of relaxation and to enjoy the company of those around you, but after that lunch or dinner starts, where you can consume as much as your belly holds.

There are many other details to the “class” that we could share with you but the essence is that as you can see, this is much more than learning to cook a fabulous Greek meal. It is also about family, conversation, food and culture and becoming a member of a family that perhaps you didn’t even know you had. It is quality time in the home of someone close to you, finding yourself in their kitchen helping to cook, enjoying the experience of meeting new people and honouring us by becoming a part of our family.

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140  per night
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140 €

Operates daily, from March 1st to November 30th

Duration of the cooking class:

  • 10:00 – 16:00 for the Day Class
  • 16:00 – 22:00 for the Evening Class

Can be combined with:

Mykonian Spiti Farm Visit, Walking Tour, Ancient Delos Tour, Island Tour, Greek Dancing Lessons, Special Treatment for Anniversaries & Birthdays, Special Treatment for Marriage Proposals

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My boyfriend and I had an amazing time cooking the host and her helpers were absolutely wonderful the Food we cooked was so delicious The warmth you felt being in someone you don’t know house was acceptional I would definitely do this again when I come to Greece Thanks for the great memories DeAndrea and Anthony
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We enjoyed everything about this event from the background provided to the delicious meal we helped to prepare and consume! We highly recommend this class!
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After 7 days of going non-stop in Mykonos my husband and I were ready for something different. We spent our last evening cooking at the spiti. It was a great experience. She was so welcoming and the home was beautiful. She taught us traditional mykonian recipes and a lot of interesting history about Greece. She even made me a special drink for my chest congestion, mykonian version of a hot totty, and it really helped. The food was delicious. We shared it with the other students while enjoying good wine and good conversation. I would definitely go back!

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