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TripAdvisor Testimonials

Informative, touching experience of Greek hospitality (Arahbaby, Philippines)

It was more than a cooking class but a whole cultural experience. (Michael B., Australia)

I can't think of a better way to pass the time while on vacation. (Lauren T., USA)

One of the things I try to do when visiting different parts of Europe is to take a cooking class in each country. This was by far one of the best classes I've taken. (DallasTroy75, USA)

Meeting Teta, was like spending time with a long lost Greek Aunt. (Anastasia R, USA)

A great night out & very informative. Money well spent for my husband and myself. We will use the tips Teti passed on! (RoseMelbAust, Australia)

What a great last minute decision "treat" in Mykonos to go to this cooking class. (ukienomad, USA)

During my 8-day visit to Santorini and Mykonos, this was my favorite organized activity. If you enjoy food and great conversation, don’t hesitate to book this before your trip! (room4dessert, USA)

THE BEST!!! (ggberry50, USA)

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New Project will be the farm


"Lefteris The Foreman Of The Farm"

Mykonian Spiti History


Start Up

Throughout the last years, Stratis and his spouse Teta, hostess of the “Mykonisn Spiti”, have obtained, living and working on the island of Mykonos, a particularly sophisticated experience in incoming tourism. Following this long experience and everyday life in Mykonos, life changing events occurred, their daughter, little Christina was born bringing joy and altering forever their lives, while the family suffered in a very short period of time the unexpected loss of Christos, a beloved grandfather, and the loss of the two beloved grandmothers Meropi and Chryssi. Following this difficult period of time, the family decided to re-organize their everyday life, introducing into it the authentic traditional Mykonian style of living, and progressively being particularly devoted to it and setting it as their highest priority. At the same time, apart from keeping the Mykonian traditional way of living as their own everyday standard, they decided to share with the island’s visitors the memorable feelings and experience that this way of living generates. This innovative idea gave also the opportunity to Teta, the house’s hostess, to convert the everyday family’s tradition and habits into professional activity and to thus contribute to the family’s expenses management. The first project was to unite the open air kitchen with the rest of the house, covering the terrace previously keeping the two rooms apart, and right afterwards to design and to initiate working and cultivating the small vegetable garden where the organic goods for the alimentation of the family and guests would grow. Up next came the decision to launch the Cooking Classes activity, with the traditional Mykonian way of cooking the food, using the authentic organic fresh Mykonian goods taken from the family vegetable garden and accompanied by the narration of Mykonian family habits with stories including the elements of tradition, religion and of course family love and unity. Aspiring to incorporate in the house commercial name exactly these elements, the family came up with today’s name “Mykonian Spiti”, which had a tremendous acceptance, became very soon and still is nowadays popular with international level of recognition. In July 2012 the first guests arrived at “Mykonian Spiti”, all filled with a mind and body refreshing and inspiring experience as well as especially delightful memories which are described in the guestbook of “Mykonian Spiti” and in the social media pages of Tripadvisor, Facebook & Youtube.

Getting off to a great start

2013 was a year of growth and establishment for Mykonian Spiti. Its brand name started becoming recognizable throughout the world and new visitors in Mykonos did not miss their opportunity of experiencing the unique atmosphere and delights of Teta and her family’s hospitality. Fine critiques and reviews spread from satisfied guests and its reputation was growing each day. Important and famous collaborators, such as “Disney Cruises”, joined forces and began operating frequent activities and programmes on the beautiful island, all centered on the promising & perspective local “Home”. Mykonian Spiti is now on its way to being something spectacular and thanks to this, Mykonos, far from the famous opulent lifestyle that it promotes, was beginning to build a name on a more traditional level. But, this did not satisfy Stratis and Teta. Moreover, new projects were on their way in order to enhance their feeling and vision of Mykonian Spiti. Therefore, visitors can also enjoy the traditional island tour which gives them the opportunity to “Discover the Authentic Mykonos”, the hiking adventure which is a unique experience and a different way to admire the landscape of the island and get a feel of it, but most importantly a unique project “opens its doors”. The Traditional Mykonian Farm, the ideal adventure that brings all guests close to the traditional animal and organic farming of a Mykonian Farm.

A year of many successes and promises

Mykonian Spiti is now famous for all that it offers. Having acquired nothing but positive reviews (see trip advisor page for example), its name is synonymous to traditional lifestyle, warm hospitality, love to all guests, family and exceptional cuisine. Teta’s recipes and cooking are included in the Asian Catalogue of “The Best European Recipes”, a great honor indeed. Famous visitors, including chefs and cooks, all the way from the Australian and the American Continents, visit Mykonian Spiti to experience a traditional afternoon or evening in the life of a traditional Mykonian Family. Moreover, the traditional farm also continues to grow towards perfection and is consecutively accepting new “residents” (pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens and donkey). Guests are invited to participate in the farm’s chores and tasks and when the season is right, they can cut and savor products from the vegetable garden. The family’s vision of the farm does not end here, but includes in the near future, small houses on the farm for visitors to accommodate, a small church, a brook streaming across the farm and more animals (cow) to supplement the other ones.

Building on our success...

2015 left us with smiling faces, satisfied guests and many new friends who we welcomed into our family. We were pleased to see Mykonian Spiti grow ever further and many of our goals to be successful. Our visitors were multiplied since the previous year, our traditional farm has begun living up to (some of) our dreams and we feel that through our activities, we successfully promoted our traditional values. We would especially like to point out some of the recent additions to our pride, our traditional farm & family vineyard. Therefore, in 2015, besides all the maintenance and improvement works that took place there, a new stone pavement, a stone dam, a stone well were built and new animals were welcomed, to add to the farm’s traditional prestige. Moreover, we feel truly honored by the appreciation shown from many of our guests, and we would like to dearly thank them for their kind words. We were truly honored to greet them into our home and hope to see them soon. People from all continents, famous or not (we had quite a few celebrities this year), were all heartedly welcomed and we were pleased to hear (or read) their positive and touching feedback. All this success however, comes with many anticipations, new and many more dreams and a solid belief that our Mykonian Spiti will achieve everybody’s expectations. Still, despite our recent additions and our quest for perfection in our services, we choose to not change our traditional lifestyle, we want to welcome our friends and families from all over the world in our home as one of us, and we remain the same simple people that we have been all these years. More specifically, this is our real sole target. To instil our authentic lifestyle to all our guests and visitors and hopefully each time a new face appears at our door, we will manage to add another “relative” to our long-growing family.




The woman of the family















Teta's Assistant


The foreman of the farm

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